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PSA: Fortnite Is Still Down, and Epic Doesn’t Know When It’ll Be Back Up

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PSA: Fortnite Is Still Down, and Epic Doesn’t Know When It’ll Be Back Up

In case you haven’t tried logging into Fortnite Battle Royale this morning, the servers are currently down, and what’s worse, Epic doesn’t yet have an ETA of when they’ll be back up.

Fortnite’s problems started at around 5 p.m. EST yesterday, when the official Twitter account tweeted out that it was experiencing issues with the game’s account services that could cause login issues.

Hours later, Epic Games then opted to take the servers offline for emergency maintenance. At that point, there was still no ETA for when the servers came back online. Fortunately, it turns out that developers have been working through the night on fixing the issue, and we now know a little bit more about it.

According to a post over on the game’s Reddit, the downtime is being put down to issues with one of the account service databases. The post currently didn’t provide an ETA either, but has since been updated with the following.

“Update 11:45 – We’ve made progress on our internal investigations and believe we may understand the problem.”

Though no ETA has still been given by Epic, it sounds like players hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer to start jumping out of the Battle Bus again… or starting on those week eight challenges. Epic will continue to provide status updates via its official Twitter account above, or via the Reddit post also linked above. You can also check the server status yourself here.

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