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Recent Pokemon GO Update Adds Another Way to Encounter Legendaries

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Recent Pokemon GO Update Adds Another Way to Encounter Legendaries

Everybody wants their hands on legendaries in Pokemon Go – who wouldn’t want to have one of the legendary birds on their team? Up until now, though, the only way you’d actually be able to find one, much less catch one, was through Raid Battles. Luckily, it seems like the latest update has made it easier to find these elusive ‘mons without having to rely on timed events.

According to Nintendo Everything, Pokemon GO now rewards players with items after every completed research challenge. After seven days, Professor Willow will appear before the player with a box filled with goodies, such as Stardust and Poke Balls, and a little extra surprise. You’ll trigger a battle upon opening the box, pitting you against the Flame Pokemon, Moltres. You won’t have to catch it, but it’s worth noting that it can flee the fight. No need to worry, though, since you’ll have more than one chance to encounter the bird. If you are planning to add it to your collection, you can use any Poke Balls or Berries in your possession.

That being said, it’s seems pretty likely that Niantic will incorporate the same method for other legendaries in the future. If they did, it would be a great way for locals to catch regional exclusive ‘mons in Pokemon GO.

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