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Overwatch Archives Event Adds New Blackwatch ‘Retribution’ PvE Mode Set in Italy

Overwatch Retribution

Overwatch Archives Event Adds New Blackwatch ‘Retribution’ PvE Mode Set in Italy

Game director Jeff Kaplan recently visited the Overwatch League to share some new details on the upcoming event. Archives will be getting a brand new mode called Retribution, which shines the spotlight on the four Blackwatch members, Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes, McCree, Genji, and Moira, who are in pursuit of a high-ranking Talon member in Rialto, Italy.

The group will be facing against a hoard of Talon soldiers as they make their escape from the area, fending against enemy variants such as assassins, tanks, and snipers. That said, Retribution will feature a completely new map based on Rialto. A PVP payload version of the map set in the daytime is also slated to release on the PTR sometime after the event.

And, of course, the Overwatch event wouldn’t be complete without a slew of new skins. Aside from the previously confirmed Shimada skin, Moira will also be getting her own Blackwatch uniform to go along with her team. Similarly, Reaper will also be getting a new costume based on his time as a super-soldier (Soldier 24).

Additionally, Blizzard released a new comic for the event that sets the stage for the upcoming Retribution brawl. Overwatch Archives is slated to start this Apr. 10. You can watch the trailer for the new mode below to learn more:

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