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Nendoroid Geralt is Available for Pre-Order


Nendoroid Geralt is Available for Pre-Order

Cuteness and grumpiness collide in Good Smile Company’s latest Nendoroid. Never has Geralt of Rivia, the slayer of countless monsters, looked so adorable.

This figure marks the first time Good Smile has tackled The Witcher, but the toymaintains the Nendoroid line’s signature chibi-charm. If anything, Geralt’s permanent scowl makes the figure even more adorable. This Nendoroid also features all the impeccable detail and paintwork we have come to expect from the line, as well as plenty of articulation and accessories.

Some of Geralt’s accessories are par for the course for Nendoroids, such as alternate hands, a posing stand, and additional faces. Well, face, as in a scowling one with varicose veins, but the face is still oversized and cute. The figure also features plenty of items unique to Geralt, including removable steel and silver swords, a hand with Gwent cards, and a hot tub (Yennefer’s summoned scorpion-crab-thing not included). For some reason, the figure’s page includes an image of Nendoroid Geralt using the Igni sign, complete with a flame effect part, but the official description doesn’t include any mention of the part. Maybe the page writer just forgot to mention the flame effect?

Oh, and we can’t forget the promotional video Good Smile made for the figure starring the legendary Geralt cosplayer Maul. The video is almost as adorable as the Nendoroid itself. Almost.

Could this Geralt Nendoroid mark the first in a line of Nendoroid Witcher figures? Or maybe we will eventually receive a lineup of both Nendoroid and Figma Witcher figures? One can only hope.

You can pre-order Nendoroid Geralt from the Good Smile Online Shop starting tonight at 11 PM EST for just under $49. The pre-order will run until May 31st and limits three figures per person, but the toy is not scheduled to release until September. Just be patient; good things come to those who wait, and this figure looks very good.

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