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Madden Mobile: How to Get Tournament Tickets


Madden Mobile: How to Get Tournament Tickets

How to Get Tournament Tickets in Madden Mobile

Madden Mobile, the IOS and Android Madden game, where players take over as GM of their favorite franchise and lead them to victory was first released in 2014. There is plenty for players to do, including leveling up their superstars, unlocking new skills, and completing daily goals for rewards.

One big feature of Madden Mobile that will have players coming back are weekend tournaments. To prove yourself in these tournaments, players will have to prove themselves by offering up Tournament Tickets, which can be earned in a few different ways. The simplest way to earn Tournament Tickets is to complete your daily objectives every day to earn a steady supply of tickets. Weekly goals have also been added to increase your supply of Tournament Tickets.

Another way to earn tickets is to win and obtain more fans in Head-to-Head rivalry matches. Every time you do something positive in an hth match, like win, or throw a touchdown, you will acquire more fans. Every new milestone of fans acquired will net you more tickets. This is a more difficult way to obtain Tournament Tickets, but will allow you to gain more outside of just doing your daily goal.

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