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God of War: How to Upgrade the Talon Bow


God of War: How to Upgrade the Talon Bow

How to Upgrade the Talon Bow in God of War

You’ll spend most of your time in God of War smashing enemies to bits with the Leviathan Axe as Kratos, but don’t forget to make use of Atreus’ Talon Bow either. The Talon Bow can come in extremely handy when you’re up against speedy enemies like Nightmares and Revenants. If you upgrade the Bow, Atreus will become even more powerful in combat.

In order to upgrade the Bow in God of War, you simply need an item called the Talon Bow Upgrade. It can be obtained simply by progressing through the main story missions normally, and you’ll get the upgrade items either through an NPC or as an enemy drop. Once you have it, along with the necessary Hacksilver and materials, go to either Brok and Sindri, and you’ll be able to upgrade the Bow. Speak to either blacksmith, go to the Upgrade tab, and then choose to upgrade the Talon Bow.

Each time you upgrade the weapon in God of War, you’ll unlock new Bow skills in the skill tree. The skills can be unlocked with the XP you’ve earned along the way, and they can help to improve the shock and stun effects of the Bow.

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