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God of War: How to Get and Craft Armor


God of War: How to Get and Craft Armor

How to Get and Craft Armor in God of War

God of War is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio that continues Kratos’ story. The game also features intense combat, and players have a wide arsenal of weapons and armor at their disposal. That being said, one question fans might have is how they can actually get and craft armor during their adventure. The best defense is a good offense, after all.

One of the best ways you can get more armor in God of War is through chests. You’ll stumble across various trunks and coffers throughout the game. Make sure you open every chest you find since, chances are, they have some nifty loot in there. On the other hand, you can simply buy some shiny new sets instead from Brok and Sindri in God of War if you’d prefer. This method will save you the time from having to search for loot and materials if you don’t mind spending money. However, we don’t recommend doing this as you can only buy average armor from the blacksmiths, and they’ll get outclassed very quickly. If you’ve collected enough materials, on the other hand, you can craft powerful sets of armor instead. Take note that you’ll need a good supply of Hacksilver, along with the other required materials, to make them.

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