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God of War: How to Beat the Final Boss (Baldur)


God of War: How to Beat the Final Boss (Baldur)

Beating the Final Boss Baldur in God of War

Spoiler Warning: This God of War guide contains spoilers for one of the foes you’ll face at one point in the story. If you’d rather enjoy the game without any spoilers at all, we advise turning back now.

Baldur serves as the final boss fight you’ll have to take on in God of War’s story. He’s not too tough, but there is one mechanic you’ll have to keep in mind while fighting him. As always, if you’ve been upgrading your gear and keeping everything up to date, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this one.

In the first phase of God of War’s final boss fight, Freya will keep trying to tie both Kratos and Baldur down. Simply mash the button prompts to get out of your restraints and get whatever hits in you can. Keep doing this until you trigger a cutscene. After Baldur is stripped of his immortality, you’ll be able to start doing some real damage to him.

At first, Baldur will be in his ice form, and this is pretty much just a repeat of your very first encounter with him in God of War. Dodge away whenever he starts zipping towards you, and let him finish his combo before you answer back with a few attacks of your own. The catch here is that you can’t hurt him with the Leviathan Axe any longer, you’ll need to use the Blades of Chaos. He still has that powerful move where he leaps into the air and moves towards you, so just roll back as much as possible, and then go in for the kill when he lands.

After dealing enough damage to him, Baldur will start using his fire form. When he does this, switch to your Leviathan Axe to keep your damage up. His moves are mostly the same; you just have to wait out his combos before you hit him. However, he can also summon pillars of fire, so make sure you start rolling away once this happens.

After a while, Baldur will constantly switch between his ice and fire forms, so you’ll need to make sure that you keep swapping elements to match him. As always, don’t forget to rely on Atreus’ shock arrows to stun him whenever you’re in trouble.

With a bit of luck, Baldur will be defeated and you’ll be able to enjoy the credits roll on God of War.

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