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God of War: Can You Get to Asgard?


God of War: Can You Get to Asgard?

Can You Get to Asgard in God of War?

God of War on PS4 takes players to an entirely new region to the series, with a bunch of new enemies to hack and slash your way through to boot. The Norse region looks absolutely stunning and is far larger in scale than the worlds we’ve visited in the past with Kratos. As such, some players may be wondering if it’s possible to reach Asgard in God of War.

Spoiler Warning: We’re about to talk a little bit about God of War’s world and places you’ll go exploring in the game. If you want to enjoy the game spoiler-free, we advise turning back now.





While just a few hours with God of War will reveal that you’ll be hopping between different realms with Kratos and Atreus, what isn’t explained is whether or not you can actually access Asgard from Tyr’s Tower where you can travel to the other realms. Unfortunately, Asgard is one of the realms that is locked in God of War and cannot be accessed in the story. It doesn’t seem like Asgard can be unlocked via ciphers or completing particular quests either. However, it’s entirely possible that players could venture to Asgard and the other locked realms in God of War as part of post-launch DLC. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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