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God of War: All Dragon Locations


God of War: All Dragon Locations

All Dragon Locations in God of War

With Kratos now adventuring through a vast Norse land, things are a little bit different from previous God of War adventures. Everywhere’s naturally a little bit colder than it was in previous entries, and there’s also a bunch of dragons and terrifying creatures waiting to mess you up, too. However, there are some dragons that won’t burn you to a crisp on sight, and you’ll actually be tasked with freeing them. Here are all the dragon locations you need to know to get that Dangerous Skies trophy in God of War.

Fafnir – All Dragon Locations in God of War

Fafnir’s location in God of War isn’t too difficult to find, and it’ll likely be the first dragon you come across on your adventure. Brok and Sindri will eventually give you a favor called Flight of Fafnir. Follow your compass marker and you’ll be tasked with destroying the three different shrines before heading back to the main one positioned in front of the beast. Defeat the enemies that appear, break the seal on the shrine, and you’ll have one dragon free in God of War.

Reginn – All Dragon Locations in God of War

Reginn’s location is once again a little bit easier to find if you get one of the end game favors, Hail to the King. This is the final favor you’ll get from the blacksmiths Brok and Sindri in God of War, so note that you’ll need to complete these first in order to unlock it naturally. Alternatively, you could just head to Reginn’s location and trigger the favor yourself, however, keep in mind that with it being an end game favor, the difficulty is going to be pretty intense.

To reach Reginn, you’ll need to head to the northwest corner of the Lake of Nine. You should find a body of water you can continue to move along toward the direction of Konunsgard. When you reach here, Reginn is in the northeast section. You’ll need to grab two keys to open the door that leads you to the dwarven armor. On your way to the second key, you’ll find Reginn, and you’ll automatically get the quest to free it. Track the Favor from your menu, then destroy the three shrines as usual.

Otr – All Dragon Locations in God of War

Otr is the last of the dragon locations you’ll need to hunt down in God of War, and this one doesn’t have any favor tied to it, either. This dragon can be found in Veithurgard, which is to the east of Midgard. You’ll want to make your way to the Lake of Nine and then head east towards the Thor statue that Atreus commented on early in your adventure. When you reach the statue, travel directly south and you’ll reach a dock for your boat. Hop onto dry land and fight off the enemies. Otr will then start breathing fire down at you, so make your way up the stairs while doing your best to avoid this.

After destroying all shrines and freeing all three dragons in God of War, you’ll get the Dangerous Skies trophy.

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