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10 Best Giant Video Game Bosses That Could Squash You Like an Ant


10 Best Giant Video Game Bosses That Could Squash You Like an Ant

With the release of Extinction (read our review here) this week, we’ve been thinking about all of the truly giant enemies we’ve encountered in games. In particular, video game bosses have a tendency for being a lot larger than their puny minions, with some reaching sizes so large that they don’t even fit on the screen. So in celebration of these building-sized behemoths, we’ve gathered together a list of our favorite larger-than-life video game bosses. Let’s dive in.

Cronos – God of War III

top 10 giant video game bosses

Let’s start off with one of the biggest video game bosses of all time, Cronos from God of War III. The God of War series has always featured impossibly epic battles at a scale which is largely unmatched by its peers. Cronos is the very embodiment of this, delivering one of the most action-packed boss fights in the history of gaming. Cronos simply dwarfs our short-tempered warrior protagonist, literally holding him between his thumb and forefinger. He’s so big that he is almost an entire level in himself, offering up awesome platforming, a slew of monster subordinates and plenty of twists and turns.

The fight itself is incredibly violent, with Kratos ripping off Cronos’ fingernails with his chains and then scaling him like the mountain he is. The whole thing culminates in an insanely awesome moment of gory God of War bliss, with Kratos driving a giant crystal through the boss’ chin. There’s one part of this fight though that really takes the oversized biscuit, the one where Cronos swallows Kratos whole. All of this makes Cronos a real boss to remember, one whose size is used in inventive and compelling ways.

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