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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Swap Deals: Everything You Need to Know


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Swap Deals: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Swap Deals

The newest promo, called FUT Swap Deals has been revealed for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and it is something we’ve never seen before. The promo gives you the chance to earn special, upgraded player items by playing different parts of the game and completing objectives. Here’s everything you need to know:

FUT Swap Deals run between April 4 and April 27 and you will be able to earn items and trade them in for player items via Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

The full list of players (Untradeable) you can unlock is:

  • Premium Gold Pack (Tradeable) – 1 FUT Swap Item
  • Keita Baldé Diao – 2 FUT Swap Player Items – ST – 84 OVR
  • Jordan Henderson – 2 FUT Swap Items – CDM – 84 OVR
  • Wendell – 2 FUT Swap Player Items – LB – 81 OVR
  • Rare Gold Pack (Tradeable) – 3 FUT Swap Items
  • Koke – 4 FUT FUT Swap Player Items – CM – 87 OVR
  • Dimitri Payet – 4 FUT Swap Player Items – CAM – 86 OVR
  • Santi Cazorla – 4 FUT Swap Player Items – CM – 86 OVR
  • Prime Gold Players Pack (Tradeable) – 5 FUT Swap Items
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović – 7 FUT Swap Player Items – ST – 90 OVR
  • Lorenzo Insigne – 7 FUT Swap Player Items – CF – 88 OVR
  • Timo Werner – 7 FUT Swap Player Items – RW – 85 OVR
  • Ultimate Pack (Tradeable) – 10 FUT Swap Items
  • Luka Modrić – 11 FUT Swap Player Items – CM – 91 OVR
  • Carlos Tévez – 11 FUT Swap Player Items – ST – 88 OVR
  • Alexis Sánchez – 11 FUT Swap Player Items – ST – 91 OVR

By playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, winning Daily Knockout Tournaments (DKTs), and completing Daily/Weekly Objectives, you earn special versions of some players’ base cards that work as tokens to unlock the main FUT Swap Items. There will be 12 of them over the course of the next three weeks, starting with Alvaro Negredo, which can be unlocked by winning the DKT. You can get him by winning the tournament sometime between now (April 4) and 2 am ET on Friday morning (April 6), when the Weekend League begins. That’s the only way to get the card. The screenshot below is what you will see when you win the final game of the tournament, and you will then be able to add him to your squad.

FIFA 18 swap deals

Once you’ve got some token items, you can then trade them in for the players in the SBC area of the game. You do not need anything other than those items but, as you can see above, some players are better and more expensive than others. If you have any spare tokens left after completing the SBC for the player(s) you want, you can either keep the item or trade them in for packs via other SBCs. If you do not use them before April 27, you will have to keep them and not unlock a Swap Deals Player.

You can either save up the items you earn by playing the game, such as the Negredo card, for the more expensive players, or trade them in early for the cheaper ones. Since there’s only 12 to earn, you’re limited on what you can unlock. For example, if you want to get Alexis Sanchez, you will have to earn 11 tokens and he will be the only one you can unlock, since you won’t have enough for another. Therefore, be careful when deciding which you’re going to unlock.

For more on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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