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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super Spirit Bomb


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super Spirit Bomb

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super Spirit Bomb

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 features the iconic cast of characters we all know and love. It also allows players to use them to beat the hell out of each other, using moves and action set-pieces ripped straight from the anime. One such move is the Super Spirit Bomb, a devastating move which Goku originally used to defeat Frieza back in the day. But how exactly does one go about getting and using the spirit bomb in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? Let’s find out.

In the game, certain moves are unlocked by completing specific missions. In this case, in order to get the Super Spirit Bomb you have to complete Expert Mission number 16.

This particular mission tasks you with defeating Vegeta, specifically SSGSS Vegeta. Now much like other Expert Missions, there are some additional parameters to consider before you go in guns blazing. Firstly, you must defeat him in under five minutes.

Secondly, he can regenerate his health very quickly, meaning you have to get in as many hits as possible, as fast as possible.

Basically you’re just going to want to spam him with attacks like Super Electric Strike, and you’ll eventually down him.

It’s worth noting that, at the end of the fight, the rewards are distributed between the party members so you may not receive the super spirit bomb yourself.

No matter though, just repeat the fight until you are awarded it as a prize for killing SSGSS Vegeta.

Doing all of the above will earn you the Super Spirit Bomb meaning you can use it to decimate all who stand in your way.

The move hits pretty hard, and is pretty great when worked into a string of combos, especially when used to follow a stamina break, so definitely worth working into your move set.

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