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Desert Map Miramar Is Coming to PUBG on Xbox One Soon


Desert Map Miramar Is Coming to PUBG on Xbox One Soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ desert-themed map Miramar hasn’t been available on Xbox One just yet, but it will be hitting the console soon enough, as early as next month in fact. This comes by way of an announcement from developer PUBG Corp., so if you’ve been patiently waiting to play it, you’ve finally got something to look forward to as a console player!

The game has been chugging along on consoles, essentially, with just one map, so it’s shocking that it’s continued to do so well in spite of this fact. But now horizons are about to expand with more area to play on, though we don’t know when, exactly, the map will drop on Xbox One net month. It’s been up for grabs on PC already for a few months, and it’s a lot different in terms of gameplay dynamics than the previous map Erangel.

It’s no surprise that PUBG players on PC get a much more advanced version of the game, which has always been the case in terms of new features, maps, and other add-ons, but it’s taken quite a while for the console to get up to snuff with this new map. Hopefully it’s coming in the next few weeks so everyone will be able to bask in the desert “paradise” that is Miramar together.

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