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BattleTech: How to Play Multiplayer


BattleTech: How to Play Multiplayer

How to Play Multiplayer in BattleTech

BattleTech is a new turn-based strategy RPG in which players take on the role of Commander, leading a team of weaponized vehicles called BattleMechs. The game features a deep single player campaign which allows the player to make choices and customize their journey as it progresses. Players pick their origin, appearance and call-sign, before being thrust into a tale of political espionage and a galaxy in turmoil. And while the single player is undoubtedly the main focus for the game, there is also a multiplayer component which lets you battle against and alongside other players, with a handful of game types available.

In order to play multiplayer, load up the game and head into the main menu. You’ll be greeted with two options; Campaign and Skirmish. Selecting Skirmish will bring up the option for multiplayer. Before you can jump in though, you’ll need a a Paradox account. You’ll be automatically taken to the sign up page, where you can register an account. Once you’ve done so you’ll be taken to the mech customization page. You see, in multiplayer you’ll have a new call-sign and mech. Choose your call-sign, mech appearance and crest from the menus, then click continue. From the following screen you’ll have a selection of servers to choose from, along with available matches that you can jump into. There are three modes to choose from, Clash, Battle and Unlimited. Choose a match and you’ll be ready to head into a a game. If you’d like to set up your own match with a particular set of parameters, click on Host Game.

For more on BattleTech, be sure to search Twinifinite. If you’re looking for some advice on the best ways to succeed as a new player to the game, read our tips and tricks guide.

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