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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quietly Adds Loot Boxes

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Quietly Adds Loot Boxes

Nearly six months after making its debut, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has added randomized loot boxes to the game, which previously was only offering a premium currency that would help speed things up if you decided to use it. Now, Fortune Cookies as they’re called, contain random items from various item sets, incredibly adding loot boxes during a time in the industry where they’re more reviled than ever before.

Fortune Cookies include clothing, furniture, props, and other various items that you can use to unlock special story scenes with the animals that visit your campground. You can only get the special items if you buy a Fortune Cookie from the appropriate premium set, and duplicate items are possible. You can also get non-premium Fortune Cookies, with a different set of items up for grabs.

The game has also added a new set of microtransactions that offers 2500 Leaf Tickets, which can get you 50 Fortune Cookies. You can buy three different “flavors” with different items up for grabs as well. These are bizarre new additions to the game that doesn’t seem to be going well with fans right out of the gate. It was previously a game where you didn’t have to worry about taking random chances on getting items, and now it seems that longtime fans are taking issue with the new additions. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to add them this late in the game’s release, but hopefully they’re for a limited time if fans aren’t psyched about using them.

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