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Updated Versions of All the Myst Games Coming to PC in 2018


Updated Versions of All the Myst Games Coming to PC in 2018

Released in 1993, the best-selling PC game of the 20th century, Myst, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In a recent post on the Myst website, the developer of the series, Cyan Worlds, has announced that for the 25th anniversary it will be releasing updated versions of all the Myst games for Windows 10.

This has been something that the team have been striving to do for a while now, but being an indie developer, it has experienced difficulty with acquiring the rights to the games.

Over the last few years we’ve been working to procure the rights to make all of the Myst games available. As an indie developer, resources are limited for development, and acquiring rights isn’t always an option. But we managed to finally talk to all the right people and departments and put some funding together to try to make it happen. With agreements in place, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing updated (for Windows 10) versions of all the Myst games later this year!

It isn’t currently known exactly what Cyan Worlds means by “updated,” but what we do know is that these updated versions will be the first time that Myst III and IV will be available on a modern digital distribution platform.

The updated versions of the games will also be collected into one limited physical collectors edition. All Cyan Worlds has said about this edition is that it will be “a unique package with a cool artifact,” and that we should stay tuned for more information.

In terms of anything new for the series, nothing is currently planned for this year, as 2018 is the year of remembering the series. However, they did leave a small tease about the future of the series, stating that “there will probably be more adventures in the Myst universe.”

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