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Upcoming Mission Teased via Overwatch Twitter Account


Upcoming Mission Teased via Overwatch Twitter Account

Blizzard’s latest tweet via the official @PlayOverwatch account is teasing what could be a brand new mission or access to one that players have already enjoyed in the past. The tweet refers to King’s Row Uprising, with the date April 10 for “security clearance” to be unlocked and the “mission files” being unlocked.

The tweet’s video seems to tease King’s Row Uprising, which was a previous event that players could get into and play with Tracer in her very first mission alongside Torbjorn, Mercy, and Reinhardt. If you didn’t play that specific mode, you could play with other heroes in the same mode as well.

The video’s glitchy nature seems to allude to a new mission being “declassified,” so it might very well be a brand new look at something no one has seen before, especially with Brigitte having just made her debut as the game’s latest hero. Whatever the case may be, we’ll know officially what’s going on when April 10 rolls around, with either a new mission or a return to something we’ve seen before. At this point, either one would receive a warm welcome.

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