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Top 10 Best Android Games


Top 10 Best Android Games

Pokémon Go

Best Android Games

Pokemon GO, Mewtwo

Less a game, more a cultural phenomena, Pokémon Go broke new ground and showed the world what a mobile game could be. If you’ve been living under a Geodude for the last few years, Pokémon Go uses AR technology to place the titular monsters into the world around you. You must walk out to meet them, capture them and then train them. Niantic has done a fantastic job of continuing support for the game, holding regular seasonal events and exclusive opportunities to catch legendary Pokémon.

The real genius of the game is how it encourages its players to go outside and interact with others. Who could forget the first month it was released, where you’d constantly see would-be trainers awkwardly greeting each other in parks, bars and restaurants. The game is free to play but does offer the opportunity to save time through the use of microtransactions. Pokémon Go is different to every other game on this list because of its inherent social aspect, a quality which makes it stand out as one of the best games you can play on Android today.

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