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Surviving Mars: How to Get Oxygen


Surviving Mars: How to Get Oxygen

How to Get Oxygen in Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars it the latest and greatest strategy game from Paradox Interactive, whom are known for their highly complicated titles. In Surviving Mars, arguably the most important resource for your human colonists is Oxygen. While colonist can go at least a little while without food and water, without Oxygen they will quickly die in a few hours. Luckily, of all the basic resources needed to house humans, it’s the easiest to collect and provide.

To get Oxygen in Surviving Mars, all you need to do is build MOXIEs, an Oxygen-producing building found in the Build menu under Life Support. The MOXIE costs five metal to produce, and once created needs to be connected to a dome or Oxygen-storing building (Oyxgen Tank), via pipes. Pipes are also found under Life Support in Surviving Mars’ build menus. To connect them properly, click Pipes, and then create a pipeline using the left click on your mouse from the MOXIE to whatever you want to connect it to. Keep in mind that only certain sections of Domes and other buildings (marked by a blue and yellow symbol) can be connected up to a pipe. Factor that in when placing your MOXIEs, don’t just put them anywhere. If properly connected, you’ll see a quick notification that says “building connected,” make sure you see that otherwise you’re making a pipe to nowhere.

Oxygen is one of the key resources needed to support Domes and human colonists in Surviving Mars. Make sure you don’t neglect it, and have extra reserves of the stuff handy in case things go wrong. Otherwise, your game can very quickly fall flat on its face, and you’ll go right back to being at square one with just drones. That does it for how to get one of the most important resources in the game! Be sure to search Twinfinite for more FAQs answered and guides for Surviving Mars.

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