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Can You Get Sea of Thieves on Xbox 360?


Can You Get Sea of Thieves on Xbox 360?

Can You Get Sea of Thieves on Xbox 360?

Sea of Thieves has finally arrived, allowing players to explore the vast oceans as they fight skeletons, find hidden treasure, and battle other players on the seas. Whether you want to dance and play music, drink grog and get drunk on your pirate ship, or just find treasure and advance your pirate legend, there’s something for everyone here. With Sea of Thieves currently available on Xbox One and PC, some may be wondering if the game is also coming to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. As one of Microsoft’s first-party studios, Rare will be focused on releasing titles for the most current platforms. With the Xbox 360 celebrating its 13th birthday this year, it’s a little too far gone, especially when many Xbox 360 owners have already switched over to the Xbox One.

Furthermore, there’s the issue of power and the predominance of online play in Sea of Thieves that may not make it possible to play on Xbox 360.

Though there’s no official word on the game coming to the 360 currently (and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon), if this changes, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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