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Sea of Thieves: What the Skull Cloud Is


Sea of Thieves: What the Skull Cloud Is

Skull Cloud in Sea of Thieves

As you sail across the open seas in Sea of Thieves, you might eventually notice a cloud in the sky that’s in the shape of a menacing skull. These skull clouds have flashing green and red eyes, and if you see it, we definitely recommend that you start heading towards it as you have a good chance of earning some sweet loot.

Do note that the skull cloud is clearly visible wherever you are on the map, so you might have a bit of a journey before you actually get to your destination. The skull cloud will lead you to an island or a fort, where you’ll have to fight off a whole horde of skeletons. These skeleton waves are tough as well, and you’ll have to face shadow and gold skeletons. Each time you defeat a wave of skeletons, a horn will sound, and a new wave will come in. Once you’ve defeated enough of them, a captain skeleton will appear. If you manage to kill him, he’ll drop a key that unlocks a treasure room nearby. There’s a ton of valuable loot in there, so make your way to the nearest outpost immediately after securing all your treasure.

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