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Overwatch: Brigitte Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Overwatch: Brigitte Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Brigitte Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Overwatch

The latest Overwatch hero, Brigitte Lindholm, has officially been patched into the Public Test Region (PTR) servers for players to try out. Test your mettle against other Brigitte players in the Arcade Mode, or if you’re lucky, maybe you can find an actual decent match in Quick Play. Regardless, everyone’s eager to test out the new Support/Tank hybrid and see what new things she brings to the table.

As some sort of hybrid hero, Brigitte overlaps the typical “helpless” Support role. Armed with a shield and a Rocket Flail, she can easily hold her own in the Overwatch battlefield. One important thing to note about the hero is that she heals through her passive ability, Inspire, which only takes effect when she’s dealing some damage.

That said, don’t be afraid to hop into the frontlines and score a few swings, as chances are, you’ll be providing your other frontline fighters with some decent healing. However, she isn’t a main healer, so she’s best paired up with someone, such as Mercy or Ana, who can dish out consistent healing.

Inspire isn’t the only healing ability she has, however, as Repair Pack can easily bring an ally back to full health and even give them some armor. This Overwatch skill has a relatively low cooldown, so you shouldn’t be afraid to toss it out. Ideally, you should either be targetting a critical ally, or someone who’s vulnerable and needs a bit of protection. Giving an armor pack to someone like Genji or Reaper just before they use their ultimate will help keep them alive, especially since they have that armor on them.

If there are any flankers trying to hone in on you, you can slam them with your Shield Bash to stun them for a few seconds. A successful hit will give you just enough time to slam a few hits and maybe even knock them out if they haven’t already ran away with their tail between their legs. Similarly, you can also try landing her Whip Shot to push any incoming enemies away from her or her team. It also acts as a great booping ability, making it perfect on maps like Illios and Eichenwalde.

The most important thing that Brigitte players should remember in Overwatch is that she’s a Support hero. While she has amazing utility, the metalsmith truly shines when she’s keeping people alive through healing. Try to prioritize closer enemies if you’re going to heal with Inspire, and make sure to top everyone up with your Armor Packs.

For more tips and tricks on Brigitte and Overwatch, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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