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Ni No Kuni 2: How to Dodge & Roll


Ni No Kuni 2: How to Dodge & Roll

How to Dodge & Roll in Ni No Kuni 2

With real-time action replacing turn-based combat in Ni No Kuni 2, the pace of battle is much more intense, and you’ll need to be much more dexterous in your control of Evan and his buddies to be effective. As well as a range of different offensive moves, there are also defensive ones to master too. In addition to blocking enemy attacks, players can also make use of a roll, which not only evades the attack but also renders your character temporarily invulnerable. For that very reason, making sure you’re able to pull off a dodge in the heat of battle is crucial.

Players can have a character roll both when exploring areas and in battle by pressing L1. However, while you can simply press the button when exploring, while in battle, you’ll need to press a direction with the analog stick at the same time. L1 is the same button used for blocks, of course, so if you don’t combine L1 with a direction, you’ll simply stand still and block instead of rolling.

That’s how to dodge & roll in Ni No Kuni 2. For more information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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