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Hello Neighbor Sneaks onto PS4 This Summer

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Hello Neighbor Sneaks onto PS4 This Summer

The PlayStation Blog announced today that Hello Neighbor will make its way over to the PlayStation 4 sometime this summer. The game made its debut on Xbox One and PC last December.

Hello Neighbor is all about sneaking into your neighbor’s house, but your neighbor is a very strange man with a very strange house. Playing this stealth horror game, players must find a way into the man’s house to find out what – or who – is hiding in his basement.

The gameplay has a very sandbox-y feel, with players having a lot of freedom as to how they go about outsmarting the AI neighbor. Players will also have to solve puzzles to get to the man’s basement, however.

The game was available via Steam Early Access before its official release late last year. It appears as though that time in Early Access didn’t help it garner great reviews from critics, as Hello Neighbor is sitting at a fairly low score of 42 on Metacritic. The average user score is unfortunately just 4.6.

If you still find the game intriguing despite its scores and want a handy walkthrough to help you get through it fast and easy, check out our guide from earlier this year on how to beat it.

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