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FFXIV Eureka Map Guide and Monster Locations


FFXIV Eureka Map Guide and Monster Locations

Eureka Map Guide and Monster Locations in FFXIV

Patch 4.25 has dropped in FFXIV, and players finally have access to the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos. As the brand new open world exploration area in FFXIV, there’s a lot to get used to, including spawn locations of certain NMs and other powerful monsters.

Thanks to Reddit user Maestar, we finally have a visual guide to map out the large location. The map is still a work in progress, but it should prove to be extremely useful to newcomers and players looking for specific mobs and other spawn locations in Eureka. Because it’s extremely tough to take on higher leveled monsters in FFXIV, it’ll be a little difficult for newcomers to explore the area properly and unlock the full map. You can check out the map down below.

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Similar to the Palace of the Dead, Eureka features a separate leveling system, which means that every player has to start at level 1 when entering for the first time. There’s also an elemental resistance system, where players have to exploit a monster’s elemental weakness in order to take them down. To enter Eureka, players need to have completed the Stormblood MSQ and have an item level of at least 300.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on FFXIV.

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