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Dragon’s Dogma’s Xbox 360 Servers Are Going Down This Month


Dragon’s Dogma’s Xbox 360 Servers Are Going Down This Month

Still kicking around with Dragon’s Dogma or Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on Xbox 360? You might want to go ahead and make the jump to a newer console to start playing if so, because Capcom is about to pull the plug for anyone still playing on the old servers. At the end of March, yes, this month, the servers will be taken down. You will no longer be able to use the online features for the Xbox 360 version of the game nor its expansion Dark Arisen, so you better start modernizing now.

The game’s been out for 6 years, to be fair, since 2012. So it’s interesting that the servers are even online still. That’s about to change, unfortunately just like Dark Souls’ servers that have sunset as of today. Dragon’s Dogma’s online features include letting you use NPC characters called “pawns” that are based on other people’s creations, and you could also fight bosses online that would be in tandem with other players’ experience via asynchronous gameplay.

Unfortunately, as of March 31 at 4 AM ET, the Xbox 360 version’s online services will be shut down, though the game will be playable offline.

“To all Xbox 360 players, thank you for all the Pawns you’ve shared in the Rift and the damage dealt to the Ur-Dragon,” Capcom said. “Well done, Arisens.”

You can still play the game on Xbox One and newer consoles, however, especially the multiplayer aspects and online servers. You’ll just have to pour one out for the lonely Xbox 360 version, unfortunately.

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