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Detective Pikachu: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are


Detective Pikachu: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How Long Detective Pikachu Is & How Many Chapters There Are

There have been some pretty strange Pokemon spinoffs in the past, but none are quite as strange as Detective Pikachu. The 3DS title has you taking control of a young boy named Tim Goodman, searching for his missing father in Ryme City. Tim teams up with his father’s Pokemon, Detective Pikachu, who mysteriously can talk, and is a bit gruff to boot.

Seeing Pikachu’s antics and watching the story unfold is the main draw of the game, and its gameplay although simple, is a bit like a Professor Layton title. You’ll run around finding clues, questioning witnesses, and then solving mysteries. As such, you’re probably wondering just how long the game will take you to complete.

The game has a total of nine chapters, and the overall experience will likely take you somewhere between 7-8 hours to complete. There are a number of little scenes you can view by talking to Pikachu that can extend this time a little bit, if you really want to see them all. The good news is, if you really want more time with Detective Pikachu, there’s also a short prequel novel that was recently released, and it’s entirely free. The novel has Pikachu tracking down the culprit that messed up his friend Eevee’s garden.

For more on Detective Pikachu, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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