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20 Best Roguelike Games


20 Best Roguelike Games

Rogue Legacy

Best Roguelike Games You Can Play Right Now

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Spooky castles and roguelikes go together like pancakes and syrup, a fact that Rogue Legacy truly takes to the next level. The game is a competent platformer, hack and slash adventure game, and Metroidvania romp which uses roguelike elements to make every single run unique. The coolest feature is in the game’s family tree system. After death, the player is faced with an important choice – which family member will take up the mantle next. Each one features distinct strengths and weaknesses, some being downright hilarious like excessive flatulence and poor vision in the dark.

Each run earns you money to spend on new abilities and skills, making each one feel important. The boss fights peppered throughout are nail-biting experiences which highlight the need to steadily level up a certain skill. The configuration of the castle changes each time, unless money is spent to keep it the same, making treasure runs feel dynamic and unique. It’s a balancing act of when to give in and take the treasure home, and when to push forward to the next area. Seeing how each character’s genetic make-up will have an effect on the game is an absolute joy and has the ability to change everything from the world’s color palette to the size and speed of each heir. Rogue Legacy is a masterclass in how roguelike elements can produce a challenging yet deeply rewarding experience.

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