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10 Best Free Games You Can Play Right Now


10 Best Free Games You Can Play Right Now

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Although Fortnite’s online PvE campaign will cost you, the reason the game has such a huge following right now is due to its free Battle Royale mode on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In one giant map, 100 players go up against each other in solo, duo, and squad groups to try and be the last ones standing. With weapons, bandages, potions and more scattered around the map, you’ll have to choose the best locations to land to get as much gear as possible right away before the map starts shrinking and more and more players begin dying off.

While the concept is very similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, what makes Fortnite unique is its crafting system that allows players to make elaborate forts on the go, ensuring the last few moments of any match are going to be a hectic, crafting mess.

You’re bound to get numerous hours in Fortnite’s free mode, especially if you’re planning on finally being the last person standing.

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