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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Welcomes Five New Animals


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Welcomes Five New Animals

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has just welcomed five new animals. That should be good news for anyone looking to find more of the critters to welcome to their campgrounds, which might be feeling a little lonely. So today you’ll find Bill the duck, Drago the alligator, Gladys the ostrich, Margie the elephant, and Curt the bear joining the ranks of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp friends you can attract to your home.

Of course, these animals need harmony and peace to bring them to your humble abode. You need to make sure you emulate the very same kinds of furniture they bring with them to your camp if you want to succeed. Here’s what’s on offer with the new animals:

  • Margie – Tile screen
  • Bill – Lotus pond
  • Drago – Lazy Susan
  • Curt – Samurai suit
  • Gladys – Loom

You can nab harmonious essence as well via the Shovelstrike Quarry, which will appear via icons above the quarry itself. Otherwise, make sure you make an effort to get these new animals to set up camp where you live for some decent bonuses. And everyone likes making new friends, no matter what.

There are always new animals and other bits of content coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, so keep your eye open for the new additions as Nintendo peppers them into the game going forward.

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