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You Can Now Review Switch Games on the Official Nintendo Website

Nintendo Switch

You Can Now Review Switch Games on the Official Nintendo Website

If you’re ever sitting around playing a Nintendo Switch game and you find it particularly amazing (or terrible) you can now head over to the official Nintendo website and share your thoughts. The Nintendo online game store lets you post reviews directly to the customer-facing website, which should help with player feedback going right to the developers themselves.

You can leave a special star rating and description of the game from a selection of tags such as “immersive” or “kid-appropriate” to make sure you correctly identify the type of game you’re reviewing, as well as comments about what you liked or disliked about the game. There’s also the option to identify as a “Nintendo Fan,” “Core Gamer,” and more. But the catch is that you must have a Nintendo Account, actually own the game, and you must have played the game over two hours. This is an interesting requirement that should help curb fake reviews and direct more appropriate feedback.

The system is live right now if you’re interested in putting up a review of your own, along with a picture of your adorable little Mii character if you so choose and your personal information. There’s a lot of games out there, so you may as well do your part and share what you think about the ones you’ve played to help others out, too.

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