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Rocket League Is Getting Enhanced Visuals on Nintendo Switch

Rocket League

Rocket League Is Getting Enhanced Visuals on Nintendo Switch

Keep your eye on the prize.

Rocket League is getting a special update between March and April this year that will include content and feature updates, with boosts in visual acuity and quality for the Nintendo Switch version on the horizon.

Psyonix has announced a new update schedule for the year that will include new competitive seasons, rewards, maps, and DLC in the future as well. The cross-platform support that was previously promised will making an appearance as well. The spring feature update will bring the Switch’s resolution to 900p in Perfomance Mode while docket and 720p when handheld, targeting 60 FPS.

If you choose to play in Quality Mode, Rocket League will instead run at 1080p when it’s docked, and 720p in handheld mode. Frame rate will remain at 30 FPS during this time. Right now it remains at 720p at max, with frequent drops. This new update should ensure that players get the quality or performance they’re looking for, whether they’re playing via handheld or docked.

If this has kept you from enjoying Rocket League on the Nintendo console in the past, maybe it’s time to give it a second look. There’s a lot more to see, especially the Nintendo-themed items and all the other fun car skins. You haven’t lived until you’ve played with a car outfitted like Mario, after all.

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