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Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Another Free Weekend

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Another Free Weekend

Ubisoft has announced another Rainbow Six Siege free weekend for this month. If you’ve been eyeing its upcoming events and other additional content for some time, then you might decide that you want to jump in this time and see what all the fuss is all about. You can even wait until after Valentine’s Day to do it, which should keep rifts from forming between you and your loved ones (unless you’re going to play together, after all.)

The free weekend starts Feb. 15 and you have until Feb. 18 to play for free. You’ll get access to the entire game, with all modes, maps, Operators, and more. Should you decide to buy the full game after the free weekend ends, then you can keep the progress you made from there and keep going even after the weekend event is over. If you choose to play on console, you get to try the game a little longer running through Feb. 19 on Xbox One and Feb. 20 on PlayStation 4.

After the free weekend, PC owners can try out the new Outbreak co-op mode on the Rainbow Six Siege test server, which goes up on Mar. 6 and is available through Apr. 3. That’s a decent amount of time for you to be able to check it out, but think about if you want to pick up the game first. You get a decent while to determine if you do.

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