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Pokemon Go Datamine Suggests New Challenges Inbound

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Pokemon Go Datamine Suggests New Challenges Inbound

Pokemon Go is still welcoming a wealth of new content as the days wear on, and if a recent datamine of the game’s latest update is to be believed, there’s a whole lot of new, fun stuff on the way — namely, a set of quests that should expand the lore further than what’s currently in the game. Some members of the Silph Road community ended up sifting through the 0.91.1 update, which is getting ready to come out for all players, and found some very interesting things.

Nestled among the update files are several files that hint at daily quests that would replace spin and catch bonuses and would include specific objects like hatching Pokemon Eggs, winning gym battles or even completing Raid battles, with multi-part quests that would require more from players to finish off, possibly for greater rewards.

The Silph Road notes that there are additional quest characters that look to include Professor Willow, and even other NPCs that may play a part in completing certain quests. With Niantic always looking to expand the game past the current limitations and always working to improve the game in its current form, it makes sense that these augments could soon be coming, despite the fact that so many players have just been clamoring for some simple elements of the game that should have been implemented a very long time ago. We’ll have to see what the update brings when it drops soon.

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