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Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon to Use Against Rayquaza

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Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon to Use Against Rayquaza


A new batch of Gen 3 Pokemon have recently been added to Pokemon GO, including the uber-powerful legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. Rayquaza is the main star of Pokemon Emerald version and is of the flying and dragon type; he can only be captured after being defeated in a raid battle, which take place at gyms and can only be entered by having a raid pass. Since Rayquaza is a legendary beast, defeating him in battle can be quite the task, but we have some pointers that should help you out.

For starters, there are four different moves that Rayquaza has access to, these four moves span across three different move typings: Dragon, flying, and rock. You want to make sure to bring Pokemon that aren’t super weak against any of these, which means no flying, grass, dragon, or fighting types. As for Rayquaza, he’s a flying and dragon type, so you want to have Pokemon with these type of moves: Dragon, fairy, ice, and rock. He is double weak to Ice in particular. Once you bring Pokemon with you that have high CP and powerful moves, you’re sure to have the advantage over the legendary Pokemon that is Rayquaza.

That does it for how to beat Raquaza and what Pokemon to use versus it. If you need more help with Pokemon GO, make sure to check out our expansive wiki guide.

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