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Onrush Brings High-Octane Racing to Stores This June

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Onrush Brings High-Octane Racing to Stores This June

Onrush is Codemasters’ latest racing title, and it looks like a flurry of awesome, high-energy racing. The same folks who brought us games like Dirt Rally and Grid have created an action and racing game hybrid much like the Burnout series with crashes, tricks, takedowns, and more. You’re going to be doing a lot more than just zooming around a track, it seems.

You’ll use various different vehicle types, such as the Blade, Vortex, Outlaw, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan, and Enforcer. Each come with their own style, handling, and set of abilities. Some are more for offensive-minder drivers, and others are for support so you can keep your team locked and loaded on the path to victory. You can swap classes on the go and rejoin races, just like you can change heroes in the middle of an Overwatch map when you’re taken out. This way you can keep changing things up and find a play style that works for you.

There’s an open beta for Onrush coming this May, though you’ll be able to pick up the full version this June 5 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can grab the Day-One edition by preordering, and if you pick it up on PlayStation 4, you’ll get early access to the Onrush beta before everyone else. If this sounds like a racing game you want to be a part of, you’ll want to go ahead and lock in a preorder for early play.

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