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Monster Hunter World Is Getting An Appropriately Massive Official Guidebook

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World Is Getting An Appropriately Massive Official Guidebook

Monster Hunter World is an incredibly deep game, one which doesn’t always explain its systems and gameplay mechanics in the clearest way possible. Thankfully, the game is receiving an official guide, and its an absolute behemoth. The guide will release in Japan on March 24. and boasts a whopping 1,008 pages.

The size of the guide will likely be unsurprising to fans of the series given just how much content, weapons and techniques there are at play. The official guidebook details everything from armour, weapon techniques to monster profiles and skill trees. You can read the full description courtesy of Amazon Japan below:

Hunter life: Roles and release factors of various facilities.

Hunter Basics:  Hunting technique and thorough explanation of characteristics of 14 weapons kinds and recommended combinations.

Monster info: Monster strengths and weaknesses.

Quest details:  Monster appearances and rewards for each quest.

Weapon details: Comprehensive weapon skill trees detailed, along with information on ammo types, sharpness and attack power.

Armour guide: Look at different armour sets, charms and upgrades.

Feline Friends: Everything to do with the Feline species in the game including skills, armour and appearance.

Environments: Data on fields of hunting and exploring. Items detailed for each area.

Materials: A guide on where to gather all the different types of materials in their respective environments.

The  Monster Hunter World official guide book will be priced at 2,916 yen when it releases in Japan on March 24. Be sure to check out our review of Monster Hunter World here.


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