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Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Majestic Horn


Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Majestic Horn

How to Get the Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World

Majestic horns are rare but valuable resources to uncover in Monster Hunter World, especially if you desire to craft particularly effective dual blades. Finding them is a feat in that you’ll have to go out of your way to find a group of Black Diablos to fight.

These flying wyverns are more aggressive and territorial versions of regular Diablos and are usually found within Wildspire Waste. To get a majestic horn, you’ll need to fight these flying creatures and aim for the head. Breaking off part of a Black Diablos’ cranium will yield you the resource you want, though it’s worth noting that the majestic horn is a high rank specific item. This means that you’ll need to reach 6-star missions before even attempting to get the horn, as trying beforehand with a weaker version of the monster won’t produce the resource you want.

If you’re having a tough time facing a Black Diablos thanks to the added strength that a high rank yields, be mindful that the species usually likes to charge like a truck when it attacks. Utilizing the same tactics you’ve learned when fighting a regular Diablos, like tossing out flash pods and screamer pods whenever you can, will be useful when fighting this monster strain, too. You’ll just have to avoid more incoming attacks than usual.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the majestic horn Monster Hunter World. For more useful information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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