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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Answers Some Tough Questions Concerning Mario’s Lack of a Belly Button and Toad’s Head

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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Answers Some Tough Questions Concerning Mario’s Lack of a Belly Button and Toad’s Head

Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom pals have a long history; they’ve been in dozens of games, television series, and even had a live-action film adaptation – don’t worry about seeing it if you haven’t, trust us. With so much lore happening behind the scenes, there have been some hard-hitting questions about certain characters that just have never been quite answered. If Mario is a human, then why does he look different than the humans in the Metro Kingdom? Who is Bowser Jr.’s mother? And the biggest question of them all: Is Toad’s head an actual head or is it a hat? Luckily, Nintendo is aware of these queries and has (sort of) eased our concerns thanks to a video interview with Super Mario Odyssey producer, Mr. Yoshiaki Koizumi.

One of the big questions that Mr. Koizumi avoids entirely is “Why does Mario have nipples, but no belly button.” Apparently, he didn’t think that people would make this topic a big deal – does he know anything about the internet? We usually like to make a big deal about anything and everything. He didn’t really answer the question, so, thanks to him, we will keep thinking about it until the end of time, or until Mario’s body becomes anatomically correct.

The hotly debated question that Koizumi did answer is whether or not Toad’s head is a hat or an actual head. Before we give away the answer to this question, let’s go back years and years to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Why go back? Simply because our friend Toad here was seen taking off his “hat” showing what looks like his head with three strands of hair.

But according to this video interview, Koizumi states that that thing on top of Toad is actually his head and definitely not a hat. We don’t know how that works, but if this is true, then our whole life is a lie and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cannot be canon, which basically means it might as well not have even existed.

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