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Into the Breach: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

into the breach


Into the Breach: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Protect Your Buildings at All Costs

Into the Breach Beginner Tips

Your main priority in Into the Breach is always to keep your grid power up. Each time the Vek take a shot at one of your buildings, your grid power loses one unit. Once that bar reaches zero, it’s game over, and it’ll be time to jump back into the breach and into another timeline.

Here’s the thing: grid power carries over between stages. On the other hand, your mech HP resets in between each stage. If you can protect your buildings from taking a hit, do it. Even if it means putting one of your mechs in danger, it’ll almost always be worth it. Things get a little dicier later on in the game, when you start recruiting pilots for your unmanned mechs, but just remember that all you have to do is last until the stipulated number of turns run out, and you’ll be good.

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