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God of War Director Confirms Optional Bosses

Good Of War, PS4

God of War Director Confirms Optional Bosses

The April-bound God of War for PS4 is more non-linear than previous games in the series, with Sony Santa Monica creating massive areas that can be discovered by players who explore off the beaten path. Just recently, the game’s director has confirmed that protagonists Kratos and Atreus may also encounter optional bosses in the game.

Speaking to GameInformer, game director Cory Barlog gave a firm “yes” when asked whether God of War will have optional bosses. Barlog didn’t delve on the specifics for encountering bosses, but it’s safe to assume that players will have to explore every nook and cranny of the game’s world to find and kill all of them. This is a great addition to the series, considering previous games solely rewarded exploration with a few collectible items that would increase Kratos’ health and magic meter.

In addition to encountering optional bosses, Barlog confirmed that God of War will still have collectibles that will help strengthen Kratos. However, collectibles are no longer traditionally stored inside chests.

God of War for PS4 is scheduled to arrive on April 20, 2018 exclusively on PS4. A $129.99-priced collector’s edition is also scheduled on the same date, carrying a few cool items including a nine-inch Kratos and Atreus statue, cloth map, limited steelbook case, and a Stone Mason’s ring.

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