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Final Fantasy XV’s Latest Update Ends Assassin’s Event but Brings New Features


Final Fantasy XV’s Latest Update Ends Assassin’s Event but Brings New Features

Final Fantasy XV’s Assassin’s Creed-themed event may have ended, but there’s still plenty to do along with Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis. In the latest Final Fantasy XV update, there’s still a lot of changes that have been added to the game, which you can see in the changelog from version 1.21:

Version 1.21

  • Conclusion of the Assassin’s Festival
  • Inclusion of Aranea as a training partner at camp
  • Implementation of a standby option at camp to advance the time of day (“Wait until morning” or “Wait until nightfall”)
  • Addition of new items at Alessio’s trading post in Altissia
  • Introduction of new drills to the tutorial: Practice Tutorial
  • Fixed the hairstyle for the Episode Ignis crossover outfit
  • “Arts” category for Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto (applies to Character Swap)
  • Various bug fixes

Alessio’s New Items

  • Silver Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Gold Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Prismatic Shard: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Prismatic Ore: 3 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Mystic Circlet: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Purified Salt: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins

If you’re still chugging along with Final Fantasy XV, you’d do well to check out all the new changes that have come to the game in lieu of the Assassin’s Event. Let us know how you’re finding the game after all this time in the comments below!

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