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New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Footage Features Weiss, Noel, Yu, and More

BlazBlue, Weiss, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Footage Features Weiss, Noel, Yu, and More

Some new footage of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has recently surfaced, featuring a handful of characters duking it out on the battlefield. The clip comes from Taipei Game Show 2018, filmed off-screen by YouTuber Bahamut (via Siliconera).

The lengthy clip features four tag battles, with the first match between Weiss and Yukiko vs Hyde and Noel. Meanwhile, the second matchup features Ruby and Linne vs Noel and Linne, while the third battle showcases Yu Narukami and Gordeau vs Ragna and Makoto. Lastly, Nu-13 and Yusuke face off against Waldstein and Yu in the final fight.

In other news, the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle developers have recently revealed their DLC plans for the game – with 20 fighters joining the fight as downloadable content. One character, Blake Belladonna from RWBY, has already been revealed as a playable character. That said, Arc System Works has yet to share any of the other playable characters coming to the game.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is slated to launch this June 5 on the PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The fighting game brings together four iconic franchises (Persona, RWBY, BlazBlue, and Under Night In-Birth) for intense 2-on-2 battles. Players can freely switch between fighters during the fight and even use Partner Skills to create their own unique combo strings. Check out the gameplay video below to learn more:

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