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7 Anime Like Overlord If You’re Looking For Something Similar


7 Anime Like Overlord If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Overlord has left its mark on the Isekai genre and anime as a whole, and for good reason: following the exploits of a man transported into a game world and aiming to become its evil ruler, the series captures exactly what so many other shows in the genre lack with fun characters, cataclysmic battles, and great art. It’s the type of show that fans of fantasy can’t help but gobble up. With that in mind, these seven anime series are perfect for anyone who liked Overlord and are looking for something similar once they’ve finished the series.


One of the more popular Isekai in recent years, Re:Zero follows a young man named Subaru as he tries to find his footing after being transported to a new world. He quickly discovers that should he die, he’ll be resurrected at a point in time before he met his end, forced to relive deadly encounters until he figures out a way to survive. This could mean anything from finding an antidote before succumbing to a life draining poison, to saving a princess so as not to be caught in the frigid wrath of her guardian spirit. Dark, gory, and bursting with gut wrenching story moments, this series is a must-watch for anyone who wants a grittier take on what it would be like to wind up in a fantasy setting.

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