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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 1 Week 4


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 1 Week 4

The stars of week four.


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Profit of the London Spitfire team played fantastically as Tracer this week, helping secure a win against not only the Shanghai Dragons but the once League leaders Seoul Dynasty as well. After the wins this week, London Spitfire is now at the top of the standings with seven wins against only one loss.

Profit is definitely one to thank for the success of London Spitfire this week. On Saturday against the Dragons he got a total of 39 eliminations as Tracer against just seven deaths, but the most impressive stat was his percentage of pulse bomb attachment at a whopping 50%. Just see below how he uses some sneaky methods to go behind the choke and land a double kill on the enemy McCree and Zenyatta.

Profit got player of the game on Saturday, with credit to his ability to interject himself into the enemy line and get picks while successfully escaping back to his team afterwards. Profit has some of the best technical skills in the Overwatch League, and will be one to watch as London Spitfire attempts to hold the crowns as the season progresses.

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