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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 1 Week 3


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 1 Week 3

New York finally beats Seoul Dynasty thanks to Saebyeolbe as Tracer.


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LiNkzr was a huge standout this week both during the Thursday game against Floirida Mayhem when Houston Outlaws went 4-0 and on Saturday when they won 4-0 against Los Angeles Gladiators.

On Thursday, LiNkzr got Player of the Match for his amazing skills as Widowmaker, landing headshot after headshot and ending the match with 50 eliminations as the hero against only 7 deaths and nearly 18,000 damage. Seen below in the final fight on Thursday, he finishes off three enemies including an amazing predictive shot on a flanking Tracer to save the point.

On Saturday he kept up the heat, getting Player of the Day alongside Striker from Boston Uprising by landing even more key shots as Widowmaker. Another highlight seen below shows him finishing off a Pharmercy and Tracer all in just a few seconds.

LiNkzr also stood out in his high performance abilities of many different heroes, including Genji. On Saturday especially he had some massive plays as the cyborg ninja, like a perfect mid-air deflection on the enemy Widow to wrap up a double-kill.

If LiNkzr continues to play like he did this week, he is definitely proving himself to be someone to watch out for.

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