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Little Witch Academia Game Launches February In The West

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Little Witch Academia Game Launches February In The West

Studio Trigger’s take on the world of magic comes west next month.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time now has an official launch date in the Americas and Europe.

In a post to the German PlayStation Blog, it was revealed Bandai Namco Entertainment has slated the game for digital release on Feb. 20 in the west. The game, which released Nov. 30 on PlayStation 4 in Japan, Follows series protagonist Akko and her friends as they explore Luna Nova Magical Academy in search of the school’s Seven Wonders, which have triggered an unexplained magic phenomenon that threatens their summer vacation.

Players battle their way through several areas within the academy in side scrolling, beat-em-up gameplay, using a variety of magical attacks that vary between the game’s available characters. One witch might enlarge herself to flatten enemies with a rolling attack, while another blasts them away with ranged laser blasts.

Chamber of Time is the first console game based off of Studio Trigger’s anime Little Witch Academia, which follows Akko and her classmates as they learn the finer points of spells and witchcraft. Originally a one-off Kickstarter project, the anime’s popularity landed it a sequel episode and later a full run series through Netflix.

Fans in the west can dive into the magic when Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time comes to PlayStation 4 and PC next month.

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