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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks for beginners

Dragon Ball FighterZ is quite an easy game to pick up and play, with players having the ability to perform special attacks through half circle motions. Performing a devastating super combo can also be done by simply consecutively pressing either the light, medium, or heavy attack buttons. However, you need more than a few flash moves in your arsenal if you want to win matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Let’s start with one of the easiest things beginners might overlook in Dragon Ball FighterZ — managing your health meter. In most competitive matches, matches are won based on the player who can best manage their team’s health meter.

Strategizing can be a bit difficult due to Dragon Ball FighterZ’s chaotic 3v3 setup. However, it’s best for players to keep their cool and be aware of their character’s life bar, because you can regain a large fraction of your character’s health.

Whenever you get pummeled by enemies, you’ll notice a faded blue bar in your character’s health meter. This is the amount of recoverable health you can get back if you can pass enough time without getting attacked. Getting whacked by foes is unavoidable with your active character out in the battlefield, so it’s best to switch out your characters early on. Panic-switching characters is also dangerous, as you can either get cornered by your enemy or getting counterattacked as soon as your next character enters the fight.

You can switch characters by holding any of the assist buttons. That’s L1 or L2 button on PS4 and LB or LT on Xbox One. The first assist button will tag in the second character, while the second assist button will tag in your third character.

Take note that you can’t freely tag in characters whenever you want. When your teammate’s image is faded in the menu, this means that particular character is not available for assists and for tagging in. It’s also worth noting that the cooldown time for assists also extend to your ability to switch in characters.

One of the best ways to tag in characters is while performing a combo. Because switching characters will make them perform a super dash by default, it will allow you to extend your combo. You can also switch in characters while you’re getting pressured by an enemy with relentless melee attacks. While blocking a melee attack, move the left stick towards your enemy and press the assist button to perform a guard cancel, essentially guaranteeing that your enemy gets hit with your partner’s super dash attack.

Switching in characters is also possible via a delayed hyper combo, but is quite costly on your Ki meter as it consumes two stocks. Basically, a delayed hyper combo is a maneuver where you chain multiple special attacks. While performing a special attack, simply hold the assist button of your preferred character to call them in and make them use their level 1 super attack. You can also make them use their level 3 super attack instead by pressing the half circle back input upon tagging in your teammate.

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