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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Play Frieza (Super Moves and More)


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Play Frieza (Super Moves and More)

How to Play Frieza in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The time to step into the shoes of your favorite Dragon Ball Z character in a more traditional 2D fighting experience is finally here thanks to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Some of your friends may be eager to create a team of three powerful Saiyans but you have dreams bigger than that. Why not have Dragon Ball Z’s most infamous villain teaming up with the Saiyans or other popular villains from the franchise? Frieza is not only a fan-favorite villain from the anime but he’s also one of the best characters in the game so far in terms of showing off some serious zoning potential.

Frieza is built around long range attacks to keep enemies at bay but what makes him so dangerous is the fact that he’s just as effective up close. When it comes to just getting the basics of Frieza down, he still plays largely like other characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ — land a solid rush down, keep the pressure on your opponent, and make great use of assists if you’re under too much pressure with no way out. Frieza just happens to come with a few cherries on top in terms of projectiles and range. Frieza’s heavy attack allows him to pick up rocks and hurl them across the screen or, if you hold down with your heavy attack, he can create a decent sized explosion that comes up from the ground. The second option is one of the only ways that Frieza can punish his opponents for getting too close and being careless with their rush downs in Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition to creating the explosion underneath him, Frieza’s fireball forward with ki triggers a multi-hit attack at close range that is a great way to force your opponent back or at least instill a sort of fear in them about coming close without a solid plan of action of how to keep you under control once they get there.

So the key to using Frieza is absolutely to take advantage of his ranged attacks, but keep in mind that you want to be careful with one move in particular. Dragon Ball FighterZ finds small ways to make meaningful references to the series that are sure to put a smile on the faces of Dragon Ball Z fans. One of these moments that the game nods to is the moment when Frieza sliced himself in half with his own Death Saucer attack. If you throw out the Death Saucer in Dragon Ball FighterZ, they will exit the screen before returning again. While this gives you the chance of hitting your opponent again, it also puts you at risk as well. When the Death Saucer returns even the player that threw them out can be damaged by the attack.

All Frieza Special Moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Death Saucer: quarter circle back + special attack
  • Earth Breaker: quarter circle forward + light/medium/heavy attack
  • “Next Time, You’ll Die”: quarter circle forward + special attack
  • Warp Smash: down, down + special attack

All Frieza Super Moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Death Ball: quarter circle forward + any two attack buttons
  • Golden Frieza: quarter circle back + heavy attack + special attack (This will consume 3 gauges)
  • Nova Strike: quarter circle back + light attack + medium attack (This will consume 3 gauges)
  • You Should Be Killed: When you are on the ground after a hard knock down, hold heavy attack + special attack (This will consume 3 gauges)

For more tips and tricks on how to get the best of your opponents in Dragon Ball FighterZ, check out our full wiki here.

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